Amanecia Estrellada

"Awakening to a starry-dawn"/Life Star-Shaped

4 January 1979
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I love signs that say "You are here."

I have sticky fingers from trying to get into as many pies at once.

I'm also a research assistant, a youth advisor, a queer femme into BDSM, a volunteer, a workshop coordinator, a Dungeon Monitor Coordinator, and I like community building. In my spare time I attach things to other things.

My journal tends to be somewhat abbreviated and 'coded': I assume that people have read the same books, taken the same liberal arts courses and been to the same workshops I have.

If you have any questions, it's always best to ask. I like answering questions; direct information is good, and it makes me feel like a smarty-pants.

This journal is more for feelings, thoughts, experiences and rambling. Networking happens more on Facebook.

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